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Meanwhile, here are some books and videos that we think you might find useful and interesting.

Animal Field Guides | Information about Tanzania | Stories about Africa | African and other Wildlife | Videos & DVDs




Reptiles & Amphibians



Animal Field Guides

Channing A. & Howell K. (2006).  Amphibians of East Africa.  Cornell University Press.

Estes R.D. (1992).  The Behaviour Guide to African Mammals: including hoofed mammals, carnivores, primates.  University of California Press, London.

Estes R.D. & Otte D. (1999).  The Safari Companion: A Guide to Watching African Mammals Including Hoofed Mammals, Carnivores and Primates.  Chelsea Green Publishing Company.

Richmond M.D. (ed.) (2002).  A Field Guide to the Seashores of Eastern Africa and the Western Indian Ocean Islands.  Sida/ SAREC - UDSM, Tanzania.

Spawls S., Howell K. & Drewes, R.C. (2006).  Pocket Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of East Africa.  Princeton University Press.

Spawls S, Howell K, Drewes R and Ashe J. (2004).  A Field Guide to the Reptiles of East Africa.  A & C Black Publishers Ltd., London.

Stevenson T. and Fanshawe J. (2003).  Field Guide to the Birds of East Africa – Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi.  A & C Black Publishers Ltd., London.

Stuart C. and Stuart T. (2000).  A field guide to the tracks & signs of Southern and East African wildlife.  Struik Publishers, South Africa.

Withers M.B., Hosking D. (2002).  Wildlife of East Africa.  Princeton University Press.

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Information about Tanzania

Fitzpatrick M. (1999).  Tanzania, Zanzibar and Pemba.  Lonely Planet, Melbourne.

Fitzpatrick M. (2003).  Trekking in East Africa.  Lonely Planet, Melbourne.

Wakabi W. (2004).  Tanzania.  Times Editions - Marshal Cavendish, Singapore.

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The Shadow of Kilimanjaro

Stories about Africa

Joubert D. and Joubert B. (2001).  The Africa Diaries: an illustrated memoir of life in the bush.  The National Geographic Society, US.

Hayes H. (1977).  The last place on Earth.  Stein and Day, New York.

Owens, M and Owens, C. (1992).  The Eye of the Elephant: an epic adventure in the African wilderness.  Houghton Miflin, Boston.

Matthiessen P. (1995).  The tree where man was born.  Penguin Publishers.

Salkeld A. (2002).  Kilimanjaro: to the roof of Africa.  National Geographic, Washington DC.

Rideway R. (1998).  The Shadow of Kilimanjaro: on foot across East Africa.  Henry Holt, New York.

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African & other wildlife

Liebenberg L. (2003).  The art of tracking: the origin of science.  David Philip Publishers, South Africa.

O’Shea M. (2005).  Venomous Snakes of the World.  New Holland Publishers, London.

Shah A. and Shah M. (2003).  The Circle of Life: Wildlife on the African Savannah.   Harry N Abrams Inc., New York.

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Africa: The Serengeti


Attenborough D. (2000).  The Life of Birds.  BBC Natural History Unit. London.

Attenborough D. (2001).  The Blue Planet.  BBC Natural History Unit. London.

Attenborough D. (2003).  The Private Life of Plants.  BBC Natural History Unit. London.

Attenborough D. (2003).  The Life of Mammals.  BBC Natural History Unit. London.

Attenborough D. (2008). Planet Eart. BBC Natural History Unit. London.

Jones J.E. (1994).  Africa: The Serengeti. Graphic Films.  USA.  (IMAX Film).

Keane F. (2005).  Wild Africa.  BBC Natural History Unit. London. 

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